LenSx ® Laser Surgery


Traditional cataract and lens replacement surgeries at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana are among the safest and most successful procedures in medicine today. Due to our experience and commitment to excellence, our complication and infection rates are among the lowest in the world. While we will continue to offer cataract surgery utilizing traditional techniques, LenSx® laser-assisted cataract surgery at The Eye Center offers significant advantages for many patients.

Using the LenSx® computer-guided laser offers a higher level of precision to cataract surgery. Sophisticated scanning technology is used to carefully map and measure the eye. These images are used to plan and perform customized laser-assisted surgery to exact specifications generally not attainable with traditional surgery. The laser makes micro-incisions used to access the cataract and correct astigmatism. The laser also breaks up the cataract, and creates a circular opening in the lens capsule, making the exact placement of the new intraocular lens incredibly precise. This is very important, particularly for advanced technology lenses where maximum independence from glasses is the goal.

Gentler Approach

When a laser is used to soften the clouded lens, cataract surgery becomes a gentler procedure than ever before. The cataract can be removed with less ultrasound energy, and fewer instruments are needed in the eye. Studies have shown the use of the laser often reduces swelling and speeds recovery time.


While our cataract surgeons at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana have among the lowest rates of complications in the world, laser-assisted cataract surgery now offers our patients even greater safety and precision than ever before. Traditional cataract surgery at The Eye Center remains an option that provides very low complication rates; however, the introduction of laser-assisted cataract surgery helps us to improve our already outstanding record of outcomes and safety.

Are you a candidate?

When you arrive for your pre-operative evaluation, our staff will perform a series of measurements and tests that your surgeon will use to determine if you are a candidate for laser-assisted cataract surgery. Using that data, and information from the exam they perform, our surgeons will become your partner to create a customized surgical plan that works for your lifestyle.