The Time is Right for LASIK

With different refractive options available, there really is no reason to delay having laser vision correction.  The doctors at The Eye Center have been performing LASIK for over a decade. Nearly 32 million LASIK procedures have been performed worldwide making it the most common elective vision procedure in the United States.  In fact, all branches of the US military and NASA recently approved LASIK for their servicemen and women, thanks to studies using LASIK technology.

The introduction of the LASIK procedure (the combination of today’s most innovative laser vision correction technologies) means the wait is over, and it’s simple:

  • Most people are candidates.  Schedule your complimentary consultation today.
  • The Eye Center of Southern Indiana has a dedicated LASIK surgical suite featuring all-laser LASIK at no additional charge.

Top ten reasons to have LASIK at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana

Only the best
The Eye Center of Southern Indiana is committed to using high-level ophthalmic technology for all our patients including our LASIK patients. Our surgeons, Dr. Warren Chang and Dr. Joseph Mackey, have over fifteen years experience performing refractive surgery to enhance patients’ vision.

We use the same technology as the military and NASA.

Enhancement policy
We offer a one-year enhancement policy and a discount for any additional LASIK-related surgery.

Up-To-Date Equipment
The Eye Center has a dedicated LASIK surgical suite with an exclusive precision cooling system providing precise temperature regulation, humidity control, and air filtration required for the best possible surgical result.  This technology is available only at The Eye Center in this region of Indiana.

The Eye Center has certified ophthalmic technicians assisting Drs. Chang and Mackey pre-operatively, during surgery, and post-operatively. Other area facilities do not require this same accreditation for their staff.

Convenient locations
We work with and offer education to all optometrists in our region to facilitate your procedure offering the best surgical option with less travel expense.

Industry standard
The Eye Center focuses on industry standards to achieve the best results. We utilize high-level ophthalmic equipment to measure all aspects of refractive error in the eyes.

Affordable financing
The Eye Center makes this investment affordable for every budget by offering convenient financing options.

Options for everyone
The Eye Center of Southern Indiana and the Bloomington Surgery Center offer a full array of practical surgical choices. This allows the patient options for the best procedure possible.

History of success
For thirty-five years The Eye Center has been the leading provider of eye care serving the patients of South Central Indiana. You can trust that we will be here for years to come!

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