“The results of my blepharoplasty were beyond my expectations.  After undergoing a painless procedure with little swelling and discomfort on Friday, I was ready to return to work Monday morning.  Not only was my appearance enhanced (puffy, droopy lids are very unattractive), the range of my vision was widened.  I could see the “big picture” now. Am I satisfied with the results of my bleph? Positively! Would I recommend it to others in need?  Absolutely!!”

Edna O. Galloway

“The Eye Center more than met my expectations. I knew there was not a 100% probability that I would be able to get rid of the readers, but that’s how it worked out for me. I am very grateful. It is truly a gift – it’s the gift of good eyesight. I have 20/20 vision for both distance and reading, and I’m able to read without glasses! I have to tell you, I was in California last week, and my golf game is better! It’s the nicest thing I’ve ever done for myself. I truly mean it.”

Terry Clapacs, Vice President, Indiana University

“My experience at The Eye Center has been very positive. I was very nervous and anxious for this surgery. I was pleasantly surprised at how painless and easy the whole procedure was. I was asleep for the surgery and afterwards I never even took any aspirin for pain. After having horrible vision since I was 7 years old, I now don’t need glasses. I couldn’t be happier.”

Joan Hawkins

“The impact on my vision and life after LenSx cataract surgery on both eyes has been profound. From wearing glasses since kindergarten to essentially having 20/20 vision without glasses is astounding. Thanks to Dr. Grossman and staff for a professional and pain free experience!”

William Ludwig

“Dr. Chang and his staff were wonderful. They knew I was nervous, and they made me feel totally comfortable. Now I realize how much having glasses and contacts affected my decisions and schedule. I didn’t realize that I spent at least twenty minutes in the morning dealing with my contacts. Now that I’ve had my LASIK, I have less stress. I don’t worry about my vision for swimming, boating, riding in a vehicle with the windows down, or riding the motorcycle. I no longer have visual problems from dry contact lenses at my desk job. Most importantly, I don’t miss out on my boy’s functions. My oldest son races motorcycles, and the racetracks have a lot of fine, powdered dirt flying around. Had I not had my LASIK, I would have missed out on clearly seeing him cross the finish line to win his first motorcycle race. I am a blessed person!”

Teresa Kenworthy

“Never have I been able to see well, not even at birth. My vision was so poor that without glasses or contacts I was legally blind. Not being a candidate for LASIK, I struggled through life with contacts that only partially corrected my vision. Eventually I developed cataracts which turned out to be a blessing. Knowing Dr. Grossman and his fabulous reputation as an eye surgeon, I flew from my home in Scottsdale, AZ to Bloomington, IN to have Dr. Grossman and his staff at The Eye Center perform my cataract surgery. Through their amazing expertise, skill, and diligence, I now have perfect (20/20) vision. Not only would I recommend Dr. Grossman and his staff for their ability but also their kindness and care. Surgery was relatively simple and the staff made me feel like family. I consider the surgery, the care I received by the staff, and my perfect vision to be an absolute MIRACLE!  Dr. Grossman and his fabulous staff gave me the gift of sight!”

Susan Richardson, Scottsdale, AZ