“Never have I been able to see well, not even at birth. My vision was so poor that without glasses or contacts I was legally blind. Not being a candidate for LASIK, I struggled through life with contacts that only partially corrected my vision. Eventually I developed cataracts which turned out to be a blessing. Knowing Dr. Grossman and his fabulous reputation as an eye surgeon, I flew from my home in Scottsdale, AZ to Bloomington, IN to have Dr. Grossman and his staff at The Eye Center perform my cataract surgery. Through their amazing expertise, skill, and diligence, I now have perfect (20/20) vision. Not only would I recommend Dr. Grossman and his staff for their ability but also their kindness and care. Surgery was relatively simple and the staff made me feel like family. I consider the surgery, the care I received by the staff, and my perfect vision to be an absolute MIRACLE!  Dr. Grossman and his fabulous staff gave me the gift of sight!”

Susan Richardson, Scottsdale, AZ